Traveling Caribbean Heritage

Joeri Arion | Erasmus University / KITLV | Traveling Caribbean Heritage  | Supervisors: G. Oostindie  (KITLV) A. van Stipriaan (EUR)

Centuries of migrations have deeply impacted the development of the creolized Papiamentu/o-speaking cultures of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. The islands’ asymmetrical relation to the Netherlands begs many questions regarding insular identities. Mass tourism became a central pillar of the insular economies, adding to the changes in the demographic make-up of the islands.

All of this provokes debates about insular identity, and the need to identify and preserve the islands’ literarily traveling cultural heritage – but heritage is as much a contested concept as identity. Local workers in the field of culture and education as well as activists search for constructive and practice-oriented approaches, driven by questions pertaining to the fields of nation-building and to the field of tourism.

In this project, Caribbean and Dutch scholars and cultural heritage specialists address these matters. In addition, a multi-generational human resource base, digital infrastructure for the preservation of insular cultural heritage and outreach activities will be produced.