Sites of Memory – Emerging Memory

After the great succes of the past three years, with sold out shows, we are bringing a new edition within the theme Emerging Memory; what stories from history do we share, document or archive, by whom and from who’s perspective? What do we rather forget? The audience is taken past historical sites whilst spoken word artists, dancers, musicians and visual artists bring history to the present. It’s a quest for our shared cultural heritage and encounter through stories between 22nd June till 4th July.

Architecture at Times of War: The Politics and Ethics of Destruction, Witnessing and Rebuilding

ASCA/NICA workshop | 11 June, 13:00-15:00
To accompany Marwa Al-Sabouni’s lecture “From a Model of Peace to a Model of Conflict: The Effect of Architectural Modernization on the Syrian Urban and Social Make-up” (11 June, 16:00-18:00, University Theater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16), ASCA and NICA are organizing a seminar focusing on Architecture at Times of War, in which we will read parts of Al-Sabouni’s book The Battle of Home: Memoir of a Syrian Architect and contextualize it by connecting it to other work focused on the role of architecture before, during and after conflict situations by Judith Naeff and Eyal Weizman.

Public Lecture by Marwa Al-Sabouni

11 June 2019, 16:00-18:00 | University Theater
From a land called the “Cradle of Civilizations” to one that is now described as “apocalyptic” and “one of the most dangerous places on Earth”, Syria may have no more critical moment than the current crisis to reflect on what is taking it down this terrifyingly dark path. We resort to history in order to decipher the mysteries of the present, and there is no more honest and direct history than that of the built environment: a concrete object that tells the narratives not only of the winners, the wealthy and the powerful, but also of those who were brushed aside, cut apart and walked over.

Performing Robots Conference: Dialogues Between Theatre and Robotics

23-25 May 2019, Utrecht (the Netherlands) | Organized by Transmission in Motion (Utrecht University) and SPRING Performing Arts Festival
This conference takes stock of interactions between theatre and robotics so far and looks at possibilities for future collaboration. What do the performing arts have to offer as inspiration, model, and test-case for the development of robots and for human-robot interaction? How might collaboration between the performing arts and robotics contribute to further development of social robots, as well as to critical understanding of what it will mean to be living with them?

Asbestos Towns

ASCA Cities Public Talk by Dr. Arthur Rose (University of Bristol) | Friday 17 May, 15.00 – 17.00 hrs., room 101A, Universiteitstheater (Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16-18)

Urban Crisis-Scapes: On Walks and Ruins

Urban Crisis-Scapes: On Walks and Ruins | Amsterdam Belle van Zuylenzaal, 16-17 May 2019 | 1 EC | The workshop will focus on city-scapes that have recently been radically reconfigured through pervasive frameworks of crisis – financial, political, humanitarian etc. We want to explore alternative experiences of urban space, new artistic imaginaries, and innovative cultural initiatives emerging from such urban crisis-scapes by centering on two distinct but interrelated thematic lines: Walks and Ruins.

Against the Grain: The Ethics, Poetics and Politics of Contrarian Speech

Symposium at the University of Amsterdam, 5th – 7th June 2019 | Keynote speakers: Sarah Clancy, Jim Hicks, Frank Keizer | Deadline for proposals: 15th April 2019 | Dates: The event will commence in the late afternoon of 5th June and end by early afternoon of 7th June | A collaboration of ‘Contemporary Poetry and Politics’ (FFI2016-77584-P), The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, The Amsterdam Center for Globalization Studies, and the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis. | Organizers: Cornelia Gräbner (Lancaster University), Joost de Bloois (University of Amsterdam).

Sites of Memory – Performance Research seminar on the colonial and slavery history of Amsterdam 

Sites of Memory – Emerging Memory is a theatrical boat trip about the colonial and slavery history of Amsterdam. Spoken word artists, dancers and visual artists work together with UvA students, bringing history to live with narratives and performances on board of the boat and on shore. The performance is a mix of past and presence, of what we know and would rather forget. The performance will take place between the 20th of June and 7th of July and will be part of Amsterdam Roots Festival. NICA Research Master Students are invited to contribute to this seminar from April 29th through the end of May.

Affective Politics in Contemporary Media: Double book launch with Eliza Steinbock, Toni Pape and Sudeep Dasgupta

This Spui25 event, co-hosted by The Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis and Duke University Press, is a launch for two new books in media studies: Eliza Steinbock’s Shimmering Images: Trans Cinema, Embodiment, and the Aesthetics of Change and Toni Pape’s Figures of Time: Affect and the Television of Preemption, both published by Duke University Press this Spring 2019 | Spui25 Amsterdam | 16 May 2019