Art of Listening to Matter: Co-creation with Artificial Intelligence

The third meeting of the Artistic Research Research Group will take place on Friday February 14th, 2020 from 13:00-16:00 at Theorie Trap, Fed Lev, Rietveld (Roeskestraat 96). This meeting is hosted by ARIAS (Amsterdam Research Institute for Arts and Sciences) and will consist of presentations contemplating AI’s existence in a research context, and defining that relationship.

The King’s two Bodies with Darby English

Lecture by Darby English | January 13, 2020, 18.00 for lecture and Q&A (through February 2020 for display) | Oude Lutherse Kerk, Singel 411 | In the final chapter of his new book “To Describe a Life: Notes at the Intersection of Art and Race Terror” (2019), the maverick art historian Darby English sets out “to describe rather than contain” a very curious object: “Lorraine Motel, April 4 1968”. This is a model of the site of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, produced by the design firm Boym Partners in 1998 as part of the Buildings of Disaster series.

Creative Writing Workshop by Jane Lewty

This workshop will be of interest to current PhD students who not only wish to investigate the correlation[s] between creative and critical writing, but also want to expand their knowledge of cross-genre work. Students undertaking the rMA at NICA and OSL will similarly be energized by writing exercises and research strategies that may compliment their existing practice. They may earn one or two credits for their involvement.

Cities of the Symbiocene: Relational Energy Literacy as Spatial Praxis

Cities of the Symbiocene:

Guest lecture by Dr. Derek Gladwin (UBC) organized by the ASCA Cities Project on Friday 1 Nov., 3-5pm, in the Potgieterzaal, University Library (Singel 425, Amsterdam). A 2016 Report from the World Energy Council titled “Innovating Urban Energy” predicts that by 2030 the global footprint will triple in urban areas. Without an understanding of the spatial effects of energy use and demand, urban populations cannot fully engage in the development of better practices and policies to create a just society. Consequently, there is an urgent need to address the ways cities might produce knowledge about their energy use, impact, and relationships.

Power and Politics in Contemporary Culture and Media

Power and Politics in Contemporary Culture and Media

ASCA/NICA Masterclass organized by Gaston Franssen | Thursday November 7, 2019, 13:00-17:00 | Master class with Dr. Shelley Cobb (University of Southampton) and Dr. Neil Ewen (University of Winchester) | P.C. Hoofthuis, room 6.25, Spuistraat 134, Amsterdam | Open to all RMA and PhD students. Register by sending a mail with a project/thesis description and your cv to Due to room size, the number of available spots is limited.

Decolonizing & Indigenizing Justice: Confronting Colonial Injustice in an “Age of Reconciliation”?

NICA Masterclass with Patricia Barkaskas (Instructor & Director Indigenous Community Legal Clinic, University of British Columbia) | For: (research) master students / PhD candidates | Date: Friday, November 1, 2019 | Time: 10:00-12:00 | Location: University Library (Potgieterzaal), Singel 425, Amsterdam. | 1 EC | This masterclass considers questions connected to the project of a decolonial resistance pedagogy, and its significance in Canada for the project of decolonizing and Indigenizing justice.

Radical Interdisciplinarity

Radical Interdisciplinarity

NICA core course 5 EC | Taught by Maaike Bleeker and Iris van der Tuin | November 2019 – February 2019
In this course we look at currently emerging interdisciplinary approaches that move beyond the borders of the humanities and investigate how they may challenge and reorient our thinking. How do certain ‘moves’ offered by state-of-the-art scientific approaches lead to radically interdisciplinary endeavors, change our understanding of the object of our research, the relationships between objects and concepts, and what it is that we do when we do theory?

Sustainability: Technocracy and Meditation

Public Talk and Masterclass with Allan Stoekl (Penn State University) organized by ASCA Political Ecologies Group & Environmental Humanities Center, CLUE+, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | September 20th, 2019 | Please note that we are in the VUMedical Faculty, room D-565 (building MF) at the Vrije University

Decolonial Studies and Political Philosophy

NICA Core Course 6 EC | Yolande Jansen | April – May 2020 | The course will be offered online | In the humanities, globalization has until quite recently been studied from two rather distinct perspectives: either from a postcolonial or decolonial cultural-historical perspective, or from a normative, political theoretical perspective, often rooted in the liberal and human rights traditions. Over the last years, it has been increasingly recognized by scholars from both the cultural and political-theoretical fields that integrating these perspectives would be helpful to enhance the humanities’ critical and practical potential in today’s world.

Queer Intersections

NICA 6 EC Core Course offered by Toni Pape | Amsterdam | Thursdays 3 – 6 pm | 9 April, 16 April, 23 April, 30 April,7 May, 14 May 2020 | The course will be offered online.
In this course, we will explore a mix of seminal and very recent interventions in queer thinking. More specifically, we will study how queer theory can productively intervene in other fields, mainly critical race theories and disability studies. The aim is not to provide students with a comprehensive survey of queer intersectional interventions, but rather to give them a sense of how queerness and queer thinking are able to disrupt normative and oppressive assumptions in a variety of fields of study, including hopefully the students’ own research areas.

Cultures of Urban (In)Justice

The theme of the 2019-2020 ASCA Cities Seminar is “Cultures of Urban (In)Justice”. We are interested in examining dynamics of spatial (in)justice from the vantage point of creative, cultural, aesthetic and political practices in contemporary urban environments. | Semester 1 dates: Friday 20 September, Friday 18 October, Friday 1 November, Friday 6 December | Organisers: Carolyn Birdsall, Jeff Diamanti, Simone Kalkman and Kasia Mika | Contact:

Cultural Studies Now

NICA Core Course 6 EC | Murat Aydemir | October 29 to December 10, 2019|
What did crucial terms such as identity politics, interdisciplinarity, and popular culture mean in the 1960s, and what can they still mean today, a time when so much once-progressive notions may seem obsolete or co-opted by power?