The Politics of Translation and Adaptation

Film and Literary Studies | LUCAS @ Leiden University invites you to: Two 20 Minute Lectures on African Theatre!
Thursday 6 December, 16:00-18:00 in Lipsius 148, Leiden

Dr. Paulina Aroch Fugellie
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Mexico City

“Shakespeare, Nyerere and the Politics of Translation”
This lecture explores Mabepari wa Venisi (1969), a Swahili translation of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice by Julius Nyerere, Tanzania’s first independent president. Shifting attention from the all too frequent reduction of African literature to its thematic interest, Aroch Fugellie claims that politics inhers in Nyerere’s adroit and complex handling of form. Nyerere’s “migratory cliches” produce meaning by engaging with the context of reception, with his own political writings, and with the Elizabethan play itself.

Dr. Sola Adeyemi
Goldsmiths University, London

“Negotiating the Landscape of Postcolony through a Spectral Frame”
This lecture explores the issue of “authenticity” in recuperating traditional performance culture among the Yoruba of West Africa, in particular the Egúngún – masquerades – masks, and using the narratives to translate and adapt Western literature for the African audience. Adeyemi locates the interrogation of the postcolony in the dramatic interpretation that questions the encounter between the African orature and Western literature