The Anthropocene: Ecologies, Tensions, Futures

The Anthropocene – or Human Age – is a proposed geological and cultural epoch, marked by wide scale human intervention on our planet. But what are the costs of such ‘dominance’ for our common future, and for the future of all forms of life on Earth? How do these tensions implicate us all, as well as the corporations, governments, and entities that drastically impact our environment? This graduate level winter programme will bring together diverse participants from a variety of fields from across the world, and is the ideal opportunity to broaden your (academic and professional) network.

Dr. Nadina Galle is an award-winning ecological engineer and entrepreneur dedicated to applying emerging technologies to improve the health of urban ecosystems for future generations of city dwellers, something she calls the “Internet of Nature” (IoN).

Nadina specializes in the translation of scientific discovery into public knowledge. She works with urban ecologists and planners on applying today’s technology, so they can make better decisions to secure a greener urban future for all.

Her award-winning Ph.D. research in ecological engineering, the design of ecosystems for the mutual benefit of humans and nature, uses soil sensing and remote sensing technologies in an attempt to track the city’s underground communication network of microbes that connect trees.

As a Fulbright Scholar at the MIT Senseable City Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Ratti, Nadina iterated several IoN applications such as soil sensors to account for soil spatial variability; high-resolution satellite imagery to quantify tree health; algorithms to understand citizens’ opinions about urban parks through TripAdvisor reviews; and diversity indices for urban forests.

Nadina co-founded Green City Watch, an open-source geoAI collective, and led the development of an urban tree-detecting algorithm. The work has been recognized by the World Bank, Maxar Technologies, Planet, and in 2019, was awarded two Space Oscars by the European Space Agency.

Nadina is an environmental scientist, tech enthusiast, associate editor for Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, and advisor to start-ups and universities. Her work has been recognized by National Geographic, The Next Web, TEDx, Newsweek, ELLE, and the European Space Agency. In 2020, she was featured on the #ForbesUnder30 list for Science and Healthcare.