Sound in Action – Compatibility and Space

Date: 28th of February, 20:00
Location: De School, Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, Amsterdam
Free Entrance, please RSVP: soundinactioninfo[at]

In the second event of Sound in Action, Compatibility and Space, we will reflect on the intersection of urban-space crisis, sound and music. How political is the sound of a music scene? How does sound reflect and define a social environ, and how does it both promote and restrain the encounter of bodies? De School and its dark basement will be the starting point for reflection.

Feminist studies and queer studies scholar Sarah Ahmed has said on gentrification that “there are technologies that stop us from being affected by certain bodies; those that might be in the way of how we occupy space”. De School is a site of encounters. In its dark, smoke-filled basement, bodies dance and sweat through (un)choreographed moves. Photos are not allowed. Identities are blurred and tolerance finds its way through the beats of the bass. On Sundays, it becomes the playground of a scene within a scene. However, De School, which operates within the local government’s urban regeneration policy, will close in less than two years as the contract with the city hall will end and the building will be torn down.

What impact do local policies have on people, bodies, behaviours and on music scenes? How can sub-cultures find their way within the current urban-space crisis? We will address these and other questions through an interdisciplinary panel. Audience participation is highly encouraged. A DJ set will follow.

Our Guests

marum is as an artist, curator, writer and DJ based in Berlin. In his practice he explores the relation of digital technologies in gender, queer and feminist politics, having particularly focused on cybernetics, surveillance and capture technologies, clubbing culture and alien-phenomenology. marum is the initiator, booker and resident of mina, a techno party for gender and sexual liberation in Lisbon. marum hosts VANTABLACK, a monthly show at Rádio Quântica, for which he invites DJs, producers and promoters to play music and to debate gender politics and feminism in the electronic music and clubbing scene. As a DJ marum has partnered with Resident Advisor and Boiler Room and has appeared in festivals such as Festival Forte and CTM. Next month, marum has their debut at Berghain.

marum will share a first hand experience of the interference of the urban-space crisis with a music scene. For over a year, mina have had serious problems in organising their parties due to the rising pressure of the financialisation of urban space in Lisbon.

Dr. Agnieszka Wolodzko is a researcher at the Centre for Arts in Society at Leiden University and lecturer at AKI Academy of Art and Design, ArtEZ, working, among others, within New Materialism and Philosophy of Art. In her research she investigates ways in which art, by using living bodies as its medium, reveal overall cultural, social and political significance of affect in the contemporary understanding of biotechnologically manipulated bodies. Since 2016, she has worked at the AKI, coordinating biolab and teaching philosophy of art, lecturing in BIOMATTERs, an artistic research program that explores how to work with living matters. Since 2017, she has been a lecturer at Leiden University teaching courses on posthumanism and intersection between art, ethics and biotechnology.

In this evening, Agnieszka Wolodzko will reflect on the implication of constricting risky encounters, of caring for the multiple agencies and of living within relationality and contamination of bodies.

Jaap Draaisma is co-founder and ceasing director of Urban Resort, a non-profit which develops and manages breeding grounds for artists, artisans, freelancers and starters in Amsterdam. Jaap Draaisma became involved in the squatters’ movement in 1976. Later, he sought his way between illegal cracking and opportunities to legalise squats. Much has been achieved, but with the legalisation, part of the bustling initiative was lost too. With Urban Resort, Jaap Draaisma’s goal is to offer places to work and experiment freely on an artistic and social level, to create spaces where old and new Amsterdamers live together, eventually making the city accessible and diverse.

Taufan ter Weel is an architect, artist and researcher with an interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of sound art, architecture and socio-spatial research. Besides carrying out collaborative and independent projects, he works as guest teacher at TU Delft’s Faculty of Architecture. He has worked as instructor and guest teacher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Built Environment department). Furthermore, he was a research member of Cohabitation Strategies in Rotterdam as well as artistic leader and co-leader of Blikopener Festival & Productions in Delft. He performs live electronic music since 2001. His research has led to the sound art projects “Gentrifriction”, “Intensive Territories: Politics of Amplification” and “Listening to Machines”, among others.

Hannah Pezzack, moderator – Hannah Pezzack is currently studying a Research Master’s in Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. She has written and worked for VICE, Unseen Amsterdam, Subbacultcha and Latitude Festival, among others.

Who Are We?

Sound In Action is an initiative that aims to bring to the public realm a demonstration of how music, sound and performance make tangible change to society. Our initiative is an overt form of opposition to the education budget cuts in the Netherlands as well as similar issues in education worldwide. Cuts in education, in particular in the humanities, disrupt the freedom for knowledge transmission by superimposing a service/consumer relationship mode within an educational institution. Because the humanities do not create a product that can be fed into a capitalist environ, this type of knowledge is undervalued and thus underfunded. By drawing attention to the knowledge of the humanities in action we are showing how this type of education is discursive and does not need to be justified to exist.


Sound in Action is made possible by the generous support of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) and the Music Studies department of the University of Amsterdam. For this event we wish to thank De School for hosting Sound in Action and particularly to Anne van der Weijden for all the support.

Do you want to support Sound in Action? A 10€ donation will grant you a meal at De School café on the night of the event and help us cover production costs.
In parallel: marum will kickstart this event on the 26th of February between 10am and 11am with a DJ set at Amsterdam’s iconic online radio, Red Light Radio.

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