The School of Criticism and Theory

Cornell University
2018 Summer Session: June 17 – July 26

An international programme of study with leading figures in critical thought

The School of Criticism and Theory was founded in 1976 by a group of leading scholars and critical theorists in the conviction that an understanding of theory is fundamental to humanistic studies. Today, in an unparalleled summer campus experience, the SCT off ers professors and advanced graduate students of literature and related social sciences a chance to work with preeminent figures in critical thought—exploring the relationships among literature, history, art, anthropology and the law; examining the role of ideological and cultural movements; and reassessing theoretical approaches that have emerged over the last fi fty years. Cornell also off ers participants the resources of one of the great research libraries in the United States.

The Programme
In an intensive six-week course of study, faculty members and graduate students from around the world, in the humanities and social sciences, explore
recent developments in critical theory. Participants work with the SCT’s core faculty of distinguished scholars and theorists in one of four six-week seminars. Each faculty member off ers, in
addition, a public lecture and a colloquium (based on an original paper) which are attended by the entire group. The program also includes mini-seminars taught by scholars who visit for shorter periods. Finally, throughout the six weeks, distinguished theorists visit the SCT as lecturers.

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