Rethinking Cross-Media: Intermediality, Convergence, Assemblage, Post-Media etc.

Cross-Media Research Seminar 2019-20

Rethinking Cross-Media: Intermediality, Convergence, Assemblage, Post-Media etc.

This year’s Cross-Media Research Seminar is going back to its basic concept and taking stock: What concepts and tools are available (and newly emerging) to understand a culture whose aesthetics and politics are decidedly cross-media: enabled by and circulating across a number of highly heterogeneous media constellations, each combining formal conventions, practices, technologies, and political economies in particular ways. The latest discussion, if fake news is a problem of social media or rather of the established mass media, shows the shortcomings of a compartmentalized approach to media, which is not least fostered by disciplinary boundaries (film studies, new media etc.). Concepts like form or affect, media logics or affordances still often get discussed in relation with a single media item (be it a platform or an individual ‘text’). Catch-all terms like ‘mediatization’, on the other hand, too sweepingly insinuate a growing relevance of media in general, while culture never existed independent of mediating technologies.

Between these alternative poles, we want to discuss approaches that allow for analyzing how culture – think of: structures of feelings, situated knowledges, struggles of meaning, uneven distribution of visibility, access and participation – is entangled with dynamics that emerge because of the ongoing re-articulation and transformation of different media.

This topic asks for an open research strategy. Instead of presenting a fixed list of topics or readings for the entire seminar, we will decide together throughout the course of the semester, what new publications and which seemingly outdated concepts offer inspiration to critically map the ongoing cross-media transformations.

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Organizers: Sudeep Dasgupta, Abe Geil, Markus Stauff (contact: )

Meetings are on the following Fridays 15-18h (dates for semester 2 will be determined later): Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 13