Reimagining the Global

Convenors: Jeroen de Kloet and Esther Peeren

The word “globalisation” is a contentious one; it conjures up a potpourri of meanings and politics, and appears much more self-evident than it is. This malleability and conceptual opacity can, however, also be seen as its strength, opening up possibilities for new approaches and conceptualisations. This seminar series, organized by the recently established Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies (ACGS), aims to critically unpack different conceptualizations of the meanings and effects of globalisation, as they are created, lived and mediated, by building on expertise, insights and frameworks from a wide array of disciplines within the humanities. So far, globalisation has been studied predominantly within the economic, political and social sciences, but given the profound cultural implications, the humanities are emerging as vital to understanding processes of globalisation and their impact.

Six sessions engage with the research angles that underpin the programs and projects of the ACGS:

  • 1. Globalisation beyond binaries – Last week of September
  • 2. Inverting globalisation – Last week of October
  • 3. Re-mapping globalisation – Last week of November
  • 4. Emerging creative practices and imaginaries – Last week of February
  • 5. Genealogies of globalization – Last week of March
  • 6. Inequalities, resistance and transformation – Last week of April

Each session lasts 3 hours. In the first part of each session, we will discuss one or two key texts; in the second part, we will discuss a draft chapter or article by one of the ACGS members.  Sometimes, we will host a guest speaker for the seminar. The seminar is open to RMA students, PhD students and faculty members. For RMA students, it is possible to obtain 5 credits by joining this series and completing a related assignment. Further details about the seminar will be announced by the start of the academic year. To register and for further information, please contact Penn Ip at Penn Ip