The Foundations of Criticism: The Case of October

Noortje de Leij | University of Amsterdam | supervisors: Mia Lerm-Hayes & Johan Hartle As Modernist ideals of authenticity, autonomy and aesthetic purity gradually unraveled from the 1960s onwards, artistic discourse paradigmatically shifted its attention to the socio-political and economic realities that lie at the basis of art and its institutional systems. An implicit preposition […]

Missing Limbs

Major General Daniel Sickles’ lower leg bone. (Image courtesy: National Museum of Health and Medicine, Washington DC.)

Moosje Goosen | Universiteit van Amsterdam  | Promotors: Patricia Pisters and Esther Peeren I am a PhD fellow at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis. My research, titled ‘Missing Limbs’, focuses on the discursive formation of the phantom limb. While there have been several accounts of sensations and pain in missing body parts from the Middle […]

Postdating the Post: Examining (Neo)Epistolary Practices in Contemporary Culture

Emma de Vries | Leiden University | Promotor: Yra van Dijk In my interdisciplinary PhD-research Postdating the Post: Examining (Neo)Epistolary Practices in Contemporary Culture, I signal and scrutinize a remarkable phenomenon: today’s simultaneous dis- and reappearance of the letter. Over the last decades, digital communication media has ousted the letter into disuse, and the postal […]

Sustainability beyond the commodity-machine

Balamir Selçuk | Design cultures have so far been analysed in separate stages of production, mediation and consumption, or, along the circuit of the ‘commodity-machine’ —an unsustainable configuration vulnerable to multiple financial, social and ecological crises.

Deciphering the Cultural Palimpsest of New Amsterdam

Artyom Anikin | The notion of the palimpsest as on object containing stray remnants hinting at an older and hidden layer of information, when adjusted for the field of cultural analysis, offers a methodological framework for deciphering and re-manifesting bygone cityscapes and culture in a contemporary context. This framework will be investigated and applied to the spatial […]