PhD Work in Progress

21 June 2019 – 13.00-18.00
Bushuis – F2.08B, Kloverniersburgwal 48, Amsterdam

We’d like to invite all PhD researchers for our ‘Work in Progress’ meeting in the afternoon of Friday, June 21, 2019 (all further details to be announced). The idea is simply for PhD researchers to share a sample of their own work in progress, with peer discussion and feedback to follow. Feel free to present work that’s genuinely in process: fledgling, under way, unfinished, partial, fragmentary, patchy, stuck.

Also, you may choose to take on board (or indeed decline to take on board) either or both of the following perspectives:

  • Reflection on the unfinished/in progress-aspect of your work: what questions, choices, and options are you still considering? What’s at stake for those? What possible trajectories do you see fanning out from the yet incomplete state of your work? Are there aspects of your current work that seem to resist or decline progress?
  • Reflection on how your work practices,  nuances, updates, modifies, interrupts, shortcircuits, repudiates, or negates methodologies that belong to the field of Cultural Studies/Cultural Analysis. How do our established ways of working work out for you, and how are you ‘working’ them?

If you’d like to take this opportunity to present your work (factor in twenty minutes-presentations per participant), please drop us a quick line before June 14 at Give us a rough indication of what you’d like to talk about so we can try to assemble meaningful combinations and sequences. If you have further questions, please get in touch through the same email address.