Living with Censorship: The Political Economy and Cultural Politics of Chinese Gay Dating Apps

Living with Censorship

Dissertation Defense Shuaishuai Wang | Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet and Rachel Spronk. | UvA, 19 November, 10:00 hrs., Agnietenkapel. | This dissertation studies the political economy and cultural politics of Chinese gay dating apps, namely, Blued, Aloha, and ZANK. Unlike their Western counterparts such as Grindr and Jack’d whose functionalities are concentrated on location-based browsing, Chinese gay dating apps frequently integrate new features into their basic dating structures.

Transnational Literary Projects

Anouk Zuurmond | University of Amsterdam
As financial and political crises make issues of a shared European identity more pressing, the question of what binds us together is currently discussed with an increased sense of urgency. To facilitate such reflections on a shared identity, different transnational projects have been instigated by cultural organizations, promoted by and mostly with generous financial support from EU-programs and institutes.

Governmentality in Cultural industries of China

Lin Jian | University of Amsterdam
The main question of this study is what kind of governmentality the academia, policies and practices of cultural industries reflected in contemporary China. This would consist of three objects: the outcomes of cultural industries studies in Chinese mainland, the policies of cultural industries, and the agents (cultural workers and entrepreneurs, namely creative class) in cultural industries.

The Revival of the Baroque Violin

Mimi Mitchell | University of Amsterdam
I propose to examine the history of the baroque violin revival through interviews with the baroque violin pioneers. An oral history of these violinists will be my subject and the interviews with them will be my primary research tool.

Burning Desires: An Analysis of Gay Youth Coming Out Stories, Masculinity, and Violence in Film

Paris Cameron-Gardos | Burning Desires: An Analysis of Gay Youth Coming Out Stories, Masculinity, and Violence in Film
My thesis will explore the ways in which different types of masculinities are constructed by different kinds of coming out stories in film. In particular, I wish to examine the links between violence, in all its forms and masculinities in these stories of sexual self-recognition.

Planning, Public Space and Identity in Latin America

Alejandra Espinosa | University of Amsterdam
This project analyzes the methodologies used in Latin American public space planning processes. It explores innovative public space planning proposals that consider and assume a cultural and local identity approach. Some central questions of the research are: On what kind of epistemological perspectives and idea of “development” are such planning processes based? Which parameters and notions of human being do they predispose? How do notions of culture and identity inform the planning of public space in Latin America?

Secret Theatre: Off-the-grid Performance Practices in Communist Poland and Czechoslovakia (1945 – 1989)

Olga Krasa-Ryabets | University of Amsterdam | Secret Theatre: Off-the-grid Performance Practices in Communist Poland and Czechoslovakia (1945 – 1989) | Supervisors: Ellen Rutten, Kati Röttger This study examines the home as a site of dissent, subversion and social change by way of theatrical performance. It investigates understudied instances of theatre/performative activity produced within private […]

Memory and Materiality: Multisensory Ethnography of Culturally Diverse Urban Settings

Elisa Fiore | Radboud University Nijmegen | Memory and Materiality: Multisensory Ethnography of Culturally Diverse Urban Settings | Supervisors: Anneke Smelik, Liedeke Plate My PhD research develops a multisensory ethnography of gentrifying multicultural urban settings to investigate how gentrification contributes to the inclusion or exclusion of certain cultural expressions in those areas. The two selected […]

Between Bios and Art: Aesthetic and Ethical Significance of Art Working with Living Materials

Agnieszka Anna Wolodzka | Leiden University | Promotor: Prof. dr. R. Zwijnenberg In my research I investigate the aesthetico-ethical implications of art as practice and vehicle of meaning production. I am focusing in particular on how art comes with ethical concerns and responsibilities within its creative practice. This aesthetico-ethical dimension of art expresses a quest […]

Affect and Urbanity: Single Migrant Woman in Shanghai

Penn Ip | My research studies how spaces control and enable lower class single migrant women’s intimate lives in contemporary Shanghai. The project focuses on single migrant women at the age of 20-35, in Shanghai who work in 3 distinctive sectors: factories, bars/night clubs, and domestic services. By employing affect theory to bridge city spaces to […]

Political animal voices

Eva Meijer | The view that nonhuman animals cannot be political actors because they cannot speak is common in both philosophical tradition and political practice. This view seems to be false in two respects. It refers to a flawed conception of political agency and, second, it ignores the fact that animals clearly do communicate, with […]

Essayism at the dusk of catastrophe

Thijs Witty | Despite a long and varied history, rooted in sixteenth-century France via the writings of Michel de Montaigne, essays are usually associated with highly derivative activities: school assignments, newspaper commentaries, or other standardised modes of opinionated thinking.

Pretty Smart Wearables: Theories of the Body, Fashion and Technology

Lianne Toussaint | Several Dutch designers and companies experiment with the possibility to integrate electronics, solar panels, smart materials, LEDs, or interactive interfaces into fabrics and clothing. The central aim of the research project ‘Pretty Smart Wearables: Theories of the Body, Fashion and Technology’ is to academically and thoroughly reflect on the socio-cultural implications of this integration of fashion and technology.

A History of the Construction of the Idea of Dutch Design, 1945-2010

Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz | This research examines the history of the construction of the idea of Dutch Design, 1945-2010. It advances from the premise that Dutch Design is the product of a discursive construction rather than the natural result of a ‘typically Dutch’ identity or culture. Accordingly, this research traces the development of ideas about Dutch Design as well as the actors involved in the production and institutionalisation of those ideas.

From Myths to Memes: Transnational Memory and Ukrainian Social Media

Mykola Makhortykh | My project deals with World-War-II memory in Ukraine and its transformations in our digital age. If many Western-European societies have experienced a boom in World-War-II and Holocaust commemoration, Ukrainian war memory is marked by ambiguous relationships between processes of collective remembering and forgetting. This ambiguous stance to war memory does not stand on […]

Noise Identities. Toward a Noise-Based Concept of Identity in Recorded Music

Melle Jan Kromhout | ‘Noise’ is often referred to in opposition to ‘sound’ and ‘music’: an abject, transgressive or disruptive element, a threat to identity. Contrary to this view, recording practices, musical developments and listening habits show that noise is actually an important feature of recorded music. Based on this, the project argues noise is not just […]

Non-Visibility and the Politics of Presence: a spatial analysis of contemporary Iran

Pedram Dibazar | This project is a cultural study of tactics of presence in the present-day Iranian public sphere. It refers to a multiplicity of spheres of socio-cultural presence of within and beyond the city. The concept of the city encompasses numerous spatio-temporal formations, including public appearances, power relations, social interactions, urban configurations, cultural representations, societal sensibilities, […]