On Painting

The second meeting of the Artistic Research Research Group will take place on Friday December 6, 2019 from 14:00-16:30 at Vox-Pop Creative Space for the Humanities (Binnengasthuisstraat 9). During this meeting, we will be participating in a reading group lead by On Painting, a reading group engaging with literature surrounding the practice of painting. *Please note that this session is not a presentation but rather a reading group and your familiarity with the text is essential for participation.*  Contact: Emilija Angelovska <angelovskaart@gmail.com>

ON PAINTING is a reading group engaging with literature on -and surrounding- painting: theory, philosophy, history texts relevant to painting, both in relation to its tradition, and in relation to the post-medium condition. Given this expanded view, the reading group is as much about painting as it is about the art discourse in general.
More, approaching the notion of ‘reading’ in a broadly way, our sessions can take the form of a walk in the dunes, a cooking event and more.
In the context of ARRG we will focus on the text Masters and Servants or Lovers – On Love as a Way to Not Recognize the Other, by Jan Verwoert (text in attachment). In this text Verwoert traces a genealogy of love through Hegel, Lacan, Agamben, Heidegger and Adorno; weaving the positions of these thinkers with references to cinema such as Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch and Zhang Yimou’s House of the Flying Daggers, songs such as Bonnie Taylor’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, and more. The ARRG session will be a build-up on Verwoert’s coupling of philosophy with imagery. We invite all the participants to select the passages of the text that speak to them the most. During our session we will use these fragments of text to think through imagery (images, youtube videos, quotes, etc.), exploring our personal associations that may surface while reading this text. The idea is to respond to the text and to each other through images, while at the same time defining parallel visual readings to that of Verwoert. We will have access to a large screen, a computer with internet connection and a printer. Any questions please email isabelcordeiro@yahoo.com
ON PAINTING was initiated by visual artist Isabel Cordeiro and Platform BK in 2016 and since then it has taken place in institutions such as Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland, the Atlas Initiative in Breda, Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, Orchid and the Wasp in Amsterdam, among others.
The ARRG iteration is co-organized by Platform BK, Isabel Cordeiro, Bas van den Hurk, Jochem van Laarhoven and Andela Vidic.