Launch Event of Sound in Action

Sound In Action is a student initiative organising interdisciplinary discussion and performance events in Amsterdam on the intersection of music and the everyday. It is supported by ASCA, the Musicology department of UvA and WO in Actie.

Sound in Action is an overt form of opposition to the education budget cuts in the Netherlands as well as similar issues in education worldwide. Cuts in education, in particular in the Humanities, disrupt the freedom for knowledge transmission by superimposing a service/consumer relationship mode within an educational institution. Because the Humanities do not create a product that can be fed into capitalist environ, this type of knowledge is undervalued and thus underfunded. By drawing attention to the knowledge of the Humanities in action we are showing how this type of education is discursive and does not need to be justified to exist.

Team members: António Maria Cartaxo, Abigail Golec, Ed Holland, Ieva Gudaitytė, Edda Stark.

The series of events aims at bringing the discussion of Humanities education out of the isolated realm of academia and re-locate in the realm of the social. Each event will question a topic related to music’s importance in the social reality through investigating its relationship with protest, migration, space and compatibility, and censorship respectively. By doing so, we hope to show the utmost relevance of Humanities’ produced knowledge and the necessity to implement this knowledge in the everyday by bringing academics outside the comfort zone of the University space. The questions raised are of utmost relevance today with the global rise of populism and institutional discredit.

Launch event of Sound in Action

Panel discussion and drinks with Mavi Veloso and Mia Lerm-Hayes on 23 January, 19:30 – 00:00, OT301, Amsterdam, Entrance free

In the launch event of Sound in Action, an initiative aiming to bring music studies into the everyday and thus challenge the commodification of higher education, we talk about protest! How does protest sound like, and how far can its sound travel? In this day and age, how can social media aid activists to communicate their messages, sonic and visual, internationally? Finally, how far can they go before they become appropriated? As Pussy Riot will be touring in the Netherlands at the time of the event, their reception in the West and in Russia is taken as a starting point. We explore these and other questions with those who do, study, and are interested in activism.

Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian transdisciplinary artist, currently based in Amsterdam. She works as a visual and performance artist, dancer, actress, singer, and songwriter. Veloso has been a member of multiple performance groups such as MANADA and COMO clube, Queer City/Explode Residency and the radical and artistic pedagogy project Free Home University. With work being fuelled by her multidisciplinary training in various processes, both formal and informal, Mavi graduated at the State University of Londrina, Paraná, Brazil, did Postmaster at APASS in Brussels Belgium, and Master of Voice at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Some of her recent works include films: the films “Maravilhosa”, and “Pink Color: Los Estados Unidos del Fuego”, performance projects “PRIVATE ROOM”, projeto “Preta” and “Indumentária Popular”. She is currently developing the “#iwannamakerevolution”, a transdisciplinary umbrella research that hosts creations such as Quase Show, MUDA/MUTE, TravaLíngua, the Trans Opera and more.

Mia Lerm Hayes researches / writes / curates on word and image studies, social practices (Beuys etc), post-War histories, performance, historiography of art, curation (literary art exhibitions, experimental institutionalism) and artistic research. She is Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History, University of Amsterdam. Her books include: Brian O’Doherty/Patrick Ireland: Word, Image and Institutional Critique(ed., Valiz 2017), Post-War Germany and ‘Objective Chance’: W.G. Sebald, Joseph Beuys and Tacita Dean (Steidl 2011), Beuysian Legacies in Ireland and Beyond: Art, Culture and Politics (co-ed., LIT 2011), Joyce in Art (Lilliput 2004), and James Joyce als Inspirationsquelle für Joseph Beuys (Olms 2001). She has curated numerous exhibitions, including Strijd ∞ , which arose from the 2014 student / staff protests against financialization and managerialization of universities. Students and I exhibited images of previous occupations of the Maagdenhuis. The exhibition has been shown at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, FU Berlin, BAK Utrecht, EHESS Paris et al  (see

More TBA.

Moderation by Matisse Huiskens, chief-editor of Simulacrum magazine.

The second meeting of Sound in Action is on Narratives if Displacement and planned on 7 February in Studie Yalla.