Governmentality in Cultural industries of China

Lin Jian | University of Amsterdam | Governmentality in Cultural industries of China | Supervisors: Jeroen de Kloet & Esther Peeren | 2015-2019

The main question of this study is what kind of governmentality the academia, policies and practices of cultural industries reflected in contemporary China. This would consist of three objects: the outcomes of cultural industries studies in Chinese mainland, the policies of cultural industries, and the agents (cultural workers and entrepreneurs, namely creative class) in cultural industries. I am going to frame the study from two sides: the production of knowledge around cultural industries and the subjectification of “creative class”. To explore these questions, the study would use the methodology of governmentality studies and cultural studies. I would take textual analysis into policy texts and academic works, and also arrange some interviews with certain people, as well as field research into certain areas.