Gender and Open Science

Call for papers

Special Issue Dutch Journal of Gender Studies (Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies)

“Gender and Open Science”

Editors: Margriet Fokken (UU), Looi van Kessel (LUCAS), and Fleur Praal (LUCAS)

‘Open Science’ is a movement that strives for open sharing of research data, publications, code, and other research related products with society. This is intended to enhance the transparency of knowledge production and stimulate the circulation of knowledge within and outside academia (Bosman & Kramer, 2017; European Commission, 2018; Vicente-Saez & Martinez-Fuentes, 2018). Open access publishing, where the published article is freely available for everyone, is a well-known offshoot of the open science movement. But, its branches extend much further: to the publication and/or sharing of data, and alternative forms of peer review that are more transparent (i.e. ‘open’), among other things. It has been argued that that open science practices could make scholarship more democratic, encourage civil engagement, and increase participation of marginalised groups (Bosman & Kramer, 2017; GENDERACTION, 2018, 2019).

In this special issue we ask the question: how are current practices and policies aimed at openness related to the position of marginalised individuals and groups in academia? How are gender, age, class, citizenship, culture, ethnicity/race, language, religion, and sexuality playing their part?

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Deadline for abstracts is 1st of July 2019