The European Graduate School, 2019 Sessions in Switzerland and Malta

The Division of the Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought of the European Graduate School is pleased to send you information about its academic sessions for the coming year. We return again in 2019 to our campus in Saas Fee, Switzerland, and to Malta, where we are in our fourth year of operation.  We carry forward our traditions and the magic that has always been associated with the EGS experience, even as we introduce exciting new faculty in our annual migration between a mountain village high in the Alps and a harbour charged with history in the Mediterranean.

Applications are now being accepted for the MA and PhD degree programs in  “Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought,” and “Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought.”   The EGS has also created a Certificate of Post-Doctoral Research, as well as a Certificate of Study (for individuals who do not seek a degree program but would like to undertake an EGS session).  Students may attend sessions in Saas Fee, Switzerland (June 6-29, July 31-24), or Valletta, Malta (October 9-31).  They may also apply to attend individual courses in any of these sessions, space permitting.

The academic programs of the EGS serve exceptional students in traditional academic tracks, as well as individuals from a wide range of fields who seek intellectual challenge through study with our distinguished faculty.  Its low-residency programs enable accomplished professionals to fit advanced study of the highest level into their endeavours.  Any given seminar may include, for example, graduate students, professors, artists, journalists, and practicing architects.  A singularly diverse group of highly talented and motivated students thus comes together to enjoy cross-disciplinary encounters in intensive sessions with some of the most famous professors in the world from fields such as philosophy, critical theory, media and communications, film, music, and digital design.

Our sessions in 2019 will have a structure comparable to that of the 2018 program.  In June, we will convene in Venice for a seminar in the context of the Biennale.  We will then proceed to Saas Fee for seminar sequences featuring our faculty group from Slovenia (Slavoj Žižek, Mladen Dolar, and Alenka Zupančič, this year joined by Avital Ronell) and our continuing investigation of topics relating to contemporary scientific and digital thought (with Sha Xin Wei, Elie During, Benjamin Bratton and other prominent thinkers and practitioners).  We will also have seminars on musical theory, Levinasian ethics, and film.

For our August session, we are organising a cluster of seminars relating to questions raised by Angela Davis and Gina Dent this past August in Saas Fee.  We hope to welcome them again, together with Manthia Diawara, Frederick Moten, and several other distinguished thinkers and activists.  Other faculty will include Catherine Malabou, Peter Szendy, Terry Smith, Carlos Amorales, Boris Groys and Siegfried Zielinski.  We await other confirmations, looking forward to the presence of a distinguished film-maker.

Film will also be an important component of our October session in Malta, and we are eager to welcome back Judith Butler, Jean-Luc Nancy, Karen Barad, Robert Brewer Young, Achille Mbembe, Sarah Nuttall, Thomas Keenan, and several other distinguished faculty whose names will be confirmed.  This session will feature a theatrical event on the island of Comino in the context of one of its seminars and promises to be no less exciting than the ground-breaking session of 2018.

We attach with this message a testimonial video featuring some of our faculty and students.  For a detailed view of our programs, faculty (our offerings in 2018 may still be consulted), and the institution itself, please see our website ( You will also find the portal for our application here.

For updates regarding our 2019 programming and other announcements, please see our postings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Should you have any questions regarding our unique programs or the procedure for application, please do not hesitate to write to our Registrar, Sarah Hannis or Christopher Fynsk, Dean of the PACT Division.