Design and Fashion Historiographies in the Netherlands

NICA’s Design and Fashion Cultures Platform is organizing another event on 11 December from 5-7 pm. at the Kunstkapel, VU, Prinses Irenestraat 19, 1077 WT Amsterdam

“Design and Fashion Historiographies in the Netherlands”

Keynote speakers will be Anneke Smelik (fashion historiography) and Frederike Huygen (design historiography), and panelists include, besides keynote speakers, Christine Delhaye, Javier Gimeno Martinez, Ellinoor Bergvelt and Joana Ozorio de Almeida Meroz.

Recently, design and fashion are becoming increasingly accepted subjects of study in Dutch universities. This academic institutionalization raises questions as to the disciplines’ pasts. We can identify two parallel but unconnected historiographies, i.e. the first elaborating on product and graphic design simultaneously and the second on fashion design. How has design and fashion been researched in the Netherlands? According to which theoretical and methodological traditions and in which institutional settings? Why did they develop independently of each other and why have not they yet merged? In which ways do Dutch historiographies of design and fashion differ from canonical (British) design historiography?

These topics will be explored at the “Design and Fashion Historiographies in the Netherlands” workshop. Building on the lectures on Dutch design historiography organized by the Design History Society Netherlands in 2012, two keynote speakers will delve into design and fashion historiographies in the Netherlands, which will be further elaborated during a round table discussion with experts representing different facets of the field.

One of the aims of this meeting is to explore, together with the participants, the breadth of the fields as well as the interest in further investigating their pasts today.