Entries by Murat Aydemir

PhD Work in Progress 2018

CFP, PhD Workshop, June 15, 2018 | We’d like to invite all NICA PhD members for our ‘Work in Progress’ meeting on Friday, June 15, 2018. The idea is simply for PhD researchers to share a sample of their own work in progress, with joint discussion and feedback to follow. Feel free to present work that’s genuinely in process: fledgling, under way, unfinished, partial, fragmentary, patchy, stuck.

Gina Dent: The Idea of Africa

Lecture and masterclass, May 16, 2018, 1 EC | Scholar and organizer Gina Dent will give a masterclass at the University of Amsterdam called The Idea of Africa (May 16). Besides a masterclass, she will present from her forthcoming book Anchored to the Real: Black Literature in the Wake of Anthropology (Duke University Press) in a lecture at the Black Archives (May 16) and participate in the Public Dialogue: Radical Solidarity and Intergenerational Coalitions at the Tropenmuseum (May 13). The masterclass, lecture, and public dialogue are part of the weeklong program Moving Together: Activism, Art and Education – A Week with Angela Davis. The masterclass —the title of which is taken from V.Y. Mudimbe’s classic text of the same name—will focus on the epistemological and political position of Africa in cultural studies, the role of anthropology,  and the simultaneous processes of over- and under-representation of the continent that mark enunciations of the global and the local.

The Energy Commons, with Ashley Dawson and Jeff Diamanti

Public event, May 24, 2018 | The struggle for democratic control over energy production, distribution, and use is consequently a key front in the fight for a better, sustainable world. In order to make this power shift, we need to stop thinking of energy as a commodity and instead conceive of it as part of the global commons, a vital element in the great stock of air, water, plants, and collectively created cultural forms like music and language that have traditionally been regarded as the inheritance of humanity as a whole.

Ashley Dawson: Can New York Be Saved?

Masterclass, 1 EC, May 24, 2018 | Taking New York City as a paradigmatic example, this masterclass explores the question of the urban condition in the Anthropocene Age. If the urban communities that will face the gravest threats are those already coping with entrenched forms of economic, social, and environmental injustice, what role do urban movements for just adaptation have to play in an era of climate chaos? And how can such movements best challenge the disasters brought on by a capitalist system run amok?

Politics of Boredom

CFP, deadline May 20, 2018 | The punk youth of the 70s, with no prospect on a future, but with a fiery desire to reject, shouted “London’s burning with boredom” in unison with the Clash song. In the 2000s, the Apple factory claimed that the workers in China committed suicide “out of boredom”, even though their working conditions were “just fine.” Can boredom work as a collective force for creativity? Can it be an affective entry point to build new political subjectivities?