Entries by Murat Aydemir

Mari Mikkola: Humanist Feminism, Injustice, and Pornography

Workshop and Masterclass, April 11 and 12, 1 EC | In her 2016 book “The Wrong of Injustice”, Mari Mikkola defends and reframes a humanist approach to feminist analyses of injustice such as sexism: arguably, sexism involves systematically treating women in dehumanizing ways, where it is the dehumanizing moment that makes these injustices wrong. This way Mikkola aims to circumvent the thorny problems of debates around ontological commitments of gender terms and identity categories, while at the same time offering a sense in which feminism is both for everyone and for women in particular. The workshop aims at a constructive and critical discussion of crucial steps in Mikkola’s argument. In the masterclass, we discuss Mikkola’s current and forthcoming work on feminist metaphysics and pornography (“Beyond Speech”, 2017, OUP; “Pornography: A Philosophical Introduction”, forthcoming, OUP).

Techno-Performance in a Knowledge Culture in Transition

Masterclass, May 22, 1 EC | In this masterclass we take Lyotard’s report on knowledge as a historical point of reference for a closer look at the performance of technology in our current knowledge culture, and the onto-epistemological implications of this role. We do so together with Jon McKenzie, who with his groundbreaking Perform or Else: From Discipline to Performance (2004) draws attention to technological performance, or Techno-Performance, as key to understanding performativity as legitimizing force.

Sound Heritage

Elective, offered by the VU, 6 EC, starting February 6 | Sound Heritage explores what sounds and sound concepts have been approved in the past; under what conditions these might be considered heritage today; and what saving such concepts for future generations actually means.

Memory and Protest Cultures in Postcolonial and Post-Socialist Contexts

January 22, Platform for Postcolonial Readings, 1-3 EC | In recent years, ‘protest’ has become one of the keywords in describing and fashioning forms of resistance that addresses the nexus of social, political and economic injustice locally and globally – from the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, from Gezi Park to Euromaidan, anti-corruption protests in Russia to #FeesMustFall in South Africa. In all these events and movements, re-actualisations of the past and contestations of present-day memory politics have played a prominent role. As this feature deserves more attention, particularly in a comparative frame, this meeting of the Platform for Postcolonial Readings seeks to address the mentioned processes at the interfaces of postcolonial and post-socialist studies and at the interstices of (former) ‘East’ and ‘West’.

ICI BERLIN: 12 postdocs 2018-20

ERRANS environ/s The ICI Berlin announces 12 postdoctoral fellowships for the Academic Years 2018-20 If what begins already finds itself in the thick of it, in the midst of something else, and among others elsewhere, what emerges, in the middle, at this mid-place or mi-lieu, does not thereby constitute a centre. Without starting or end point, […]