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Rose Mary Allen: Contesting Respectability, Unheard Voices

Lecture and workshop, 2 EC, March 27-31 | The lecture examines the ways in which colonial politics of respectability, aimed at shaping ideal Curaçaoan male and female behavior, formed a response to racist representations of black sexuality and character in Curaçaoan society. Workshop: Researchers are often confronted with the fact that certain key information is not in written form but stored in people’s memories. This is particularly the case in societies where written information represents colonial or other dominant views while alternative views are silenced. In this workshop, participants will look at oral history research findings, issues around reliability, transcription, interpretation and analysis.

Herschel Farbman: Sports and Corporate Capitalism

Leiden MAP lectures, February 22 | Herschel Farbman (UC Irvine) elaborates a critical commentary on the process by which the sportstalking fan, often troped ironically as player, figuratively extends the physical game far beyond the highly restricted limits of the field of play proper, forging, in the process, the lingua franca of advanced corporate capitalism.

Ayanna Dozier: The Counter-Poetics of Beyoncé’s Lemonade

April 10-11, Masterclass and lecture, 1 EC | Beyoncé’s Lemonade (2016) uses the rich diasporic pool of Black cultural production to signify liberation, as a “self-making” act, through resistant performance in the audiovisual form. This master class and talk will analyze the staging, performance, and use of Black cultural production made in Lemonade as a pedagogical tool for resisting colonial spaces and domination.

PhD Work in Progress

CFP, PhD workshop June 9, 2017 | We’d like to invite all NICA PhD members for our ‘Work in Progress’ meeting on Friday, June 9, 2017. The idea is simply for PhD researchers to share a sample of their own work in progress, with joint discussion and feedback to follow. Feel free to present work that’s genuinely in process: fledgling, under way, unfinished, partial, fragmentary, patchy, stuck.