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Augmented Value for Multilingual Theatre

Michael Tijssen | University of Amsterdam
This PHD research aims to develop arguments in which way the organic theatre experience, when exposed to a foreign language audience, often diminished in its artistic output by the necessity of applied surtitles or dubbing, can be enhanced through the adaptation of modern digital tools that provide an individualized translation in the language chosen by the spectator.

The Politics of the Dreamscape

Seth Nathaniel Rogoff | University of Amsterdam
Dreams have played an important role in cultures from the Hebrew bible to modern sleep science. The otherness and uncertainty of the dreamscape have given it a screen-like quality, reflecting and/or driving dynamics of political, social and cultural power.

The Baby on the Fire Escape: Motherhood and Creativity

Julie Phillips | University of Amsterdam
Family responsibilities destroy artistic careers. The selflessness of a mother cannot coexist with the ego of a writer. You can have children or books, but not both. This separation or negation is a common view of the relationship between creativity and motherhood