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Performing theory: Radical creative machines for post-capitalist politics in Chile’s Multitude

Nicolás Muñoz Saldaña | University of Amsterdam
In this research, the focus will not be on a delimited “object” -in the canonical cultural analysis sense- but in the study of an atmosphere, a chaosmos or more precisely radical agencements machiniques (Deleuze & Guattari, 1987), which existed before, but gained potential after the emergence of the 2011 student movement protests against neoliberal education and society in Chile.

The Uprising of Auspicious Apocalypse in US and UK Popular Culture

Alexandra Nakelski | University of Amsterdam
For centuries, the Apocalypse has been referenced as not only a source of dread, but also one of elation. Cultural optimism at the prospect of the End of Days is perhaps best summed up by Revelations – the believers of which wait in anticipation for God to set man-kind straight by ending the “world” as we know it.