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Televisual Encounters with/in the Humanities

Seminar 2012-13, 2nd semester | Numerous texts across disciplines and in the humanities have engaged with concepts whose relevance for the study of media has often been only implicit. Media scholars in turn have analyzed both the history of media and their representations, and contemporary transformations using concepts developed in cultural theory often implicitly. In particular, the concepts of (1) the politics of form, (2) space/time and history, and (3) the politics of the spectacle will be addressed and discussed.

Aural Contract: The Whole Truth guided tour invitation

Aural Contract: The Whole Truth guided tour invitation Aural Contract: The Whole Truth Lawrence Abu Hamdan 13.10-16.12.2012 Untill 16 December 2012 the current exhibition at Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory in Utrecht, entitled ‘Aural Contract: The Whole Truth’ by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, is on view. UvA colleagues and students at NICA are welcome to join […]

From Myths to Memes: Transnational Memory and Ukrainian Social Media

Mykola Makhortykh | My project deals with World-War-II memory in Ukraine and its transformations in our digital age. If many Western-European societies have experienced a boom in World-War-II and Holocaust commemoration, Ukrainian war memory is marked by ambiguous relationships between processes of collective remembering and forgetting. This ambiguous stance to war memory does not stand on […]

Noise Identities. Toward a Noise-Based Concept of Identity in Recorded Music

Melle Jan Kromhout | ‘Noise’ is often referred to in opposition to ‘sound’ and ‘music’: an abject, transgressive or disruptive element, a threat to identity. Contrary to this view, recording practices, musical developments and listening habits show that noise is actually an important feature of recorded music. Based on this, the project argues noise is not just […]