Augmented Value for Multilingual Theatre

Michael Tijssen | University of Amsterdam | Augmented Value for Multilingual Theatre | Supervisor: Kati Röttger | 2016-2020

This PHD research aims to develop arguments in which way the organic theatre experience, when exposed to a foreign language audience, often diminished in its artistic output by the necessity of applied surtitles or dubbing, can be enhanced through the adaptation of modern digital tools that provide an individualized translation in the language chosen by the spectator.

Based on a state of the art, analysing the pros and cons of existing procedures, the disclosure of solutions experimented throughout theManticore-Lab platforms will provide a researchmethodology through the argumentative power of putting old and new solutions side by side, thus creating a constructive scope for the way play translating functions best in its intrinsic nature.

The perception and usage of languages is undergoing permanent change, due to technological progress and the Internet. This cross-fertilization questions the functioning of translation as traditionally envisaged. More than just transferring from one language to another – with increased linguistic skill – translation now tends to be perceived as a ‘relationship’ with another language. This changes the way in which the multilingual aspect is treated best in the context of performing arts.

In this PHD research, an academic approach of theatre translation and technological progress is closely intertwined, and the friction between these paradoxical fields brings us to the core of an augmented value for multilingual theatre.