Ashley Dawson: Can New York Be Saved?

Can New York Be Saved? The Urban Condition during the Anthropocene”
Masterclass with Ashley Dawson (Princeton Environmental Institute)

Date: Thursday, May 24, 2018
Time: 10:00-12:00
Location: University Library (Potgieterzaal), Singel 425

During this masterclass, we will discuss the challenge that climate change represents for cities riven by social inequality. If planetary urbanization can be seen as driven by neoliberal globalization and by the need to find sinks for accumulated capital, what role do urban designers and planners have in coping with capitalist irrationalities such as rampant coastal development? Taking New York City as a paradigmatic example, this masterclass explores the question of the urban condition in the Anthropocene Age. If the urban communities that will face the gravest threats are those already coping with entrenched forms of economic, social, and environmental injustice, what role do urban movements for just adaptation have to play in an era of climate chaos? And how can such movements best challenge the disasters brought on by a capitalist system run amok?

Required Reading

Davis, Mike. “Who will build the ark?” New Left Review 61 (2010): 10–25.
Dawson, Ashley, “Rapid Adaptation and Mitigation Planning” (forthcoming article).