ASCA Workshop 2019: Realities and Fantasies: Relations, Transformations, Discontinuities

ASCA Workshop 2019:

Realities and Fantasies: Relations, Transformations, Discontinuities

10-12 April 2019, University of Amsterdam

Organized by Divya Nadkarni, Alex Thinius, and Nadia de Vries

Keynote speakers:

Keynote lectures:

  • Jonathan Culler (Cornell University): Fantasizing Narrators for Novels and Speakers for Poems
  • Annabelle Dufourcq (RU Nijmegen): Do we have to be Realistic? The imaginary dimension of the real: a phenomenological approach to imagination, images and the imaginary field.
  • Nkiru Nzegwu (SUNY Binghamton): Dancing the In-Between: The Immense Power of Madness
  • Susanna Paasonen (University of Turku): Thinking Sex, Thinking Play

What are the contemporary ways in which reality and fantasy relate, how do they contrast, and how, under what conditions, can one transform into the other? In the workshop, artists and scholars from a range of approaches, cases, and places, discuss the kinship between realities and fantasies and its contemporary use. Papers focus on love and desire in the time of tinder, AI, authenticity, narrative selves, enactment, transliminality, futurism, utopism, nationalisms, absurdity, oppressive regimes, trauma, ‘grotesque’ bodies, animal sanctuaries, magical realism, sound, intentionality, discovery between arts and science, and the normative use of art and literature. Next to paper presentations, there is an exhibition and a workshop performance.

Keynote lectures will take place in Doelenzaal, Singel 425, the concluding keynote panel will be in the VOC zaal, Bushuis. Everyone is welcome to the keynotes and panels. If you would like to receive the texts of the panels in advance, please write to For more details on the program, venues, and the keynote lectures, please visit