Cultural Studies Now

Dates and Time: Fridays November 3, 10, 17 and 24, December 1 and 8; 15:00-17:00;
mini-conference 16 February 13:00 tot 19:00
Place: see below
: Murat Aydemir
Register: send an email to Eloe Kingma at before October 15. Please be sure to specify your master program and university

Cultural Studies and Cultural Analysis are no longer the rebellious upstarts they used to be. They have become canonised and institutionalised fields at a time in which the (critical, hermeneutic, theoretical) Humanities are under attack. At the same time, the political promises of the field — e.g. the emancipatory claims associated with identity politics and popular culture — seem no longer quite warranted, or at least demand new forms of confrontation and engagement.

All this suggests it is now all the more urgent to ask ourselves anew how we want to inhabit or relate to the field. How do we wish to situate ourselves in, or perhaps vis-à-vis, Cultural Studies academically, institutionally, intellectually, and politically? In this course, we will revisit the main genealogies and methodologies of Cultural Studies in relation to current developments, exploring the following five areas of contestation: conjuncture, politics, reality, interdisciplinarity, culture. How did Cultural Studies start out? What can it now be?

With key readings by Stuart Hall, Mieke Bal, Paul Smith, Lawrence Grossberg, and many others.


November 3: PCH 4.11
November  10: PCH K0.4
November 17: PCH K0.4
November 24: OIH E.014
December 1: PCH K0.4
December 8: PCH K0.4
February 16: OMHP A1.18C





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