Masking the Race-Religion Constellation in Europe and the US

NOSTER Grand Course 2017 Course description: The NOSTER Grand Course is a biannual intensive two-day course in which junior researchers gain in-depth knowledge on a specific theme that is relevant for both; theologians and religious studies scholars. This year’s theme will be ‘Masking the Race-Religion Constellation in Europe and the US’. ‘Masking the Race-Religion Constellation […]

Activating the Archive

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | 26 to 29 May 2018
Deadline for submissions: 15 December 2017
The conference will serve as a platform for exchange on developments in the fields of audio-visual archiving and presentation. It will consider those developments among others – but not exclusively – from the perspective of those with a connection to the P&P programme. The conference will also be an occasion for P&P alumni to reconnect, and for students and staff of audio-visual archiving and curation programmes worldwide to get in touch and to reflect together on past and future endeavours.

The School of Criticism and Theory

Cornell University 2018 Summer Session: June 17 – July 26 An international programme of study with leading figures in critical thought The School of Criticism and Theory was founded in 1976 by a group of leading scholars and critical theorists in the conviction that an understanding of theory is fundamental to humanistic studies. Today, in […]

Urban Friction

Seminars: 8 November 2017, 31 January, 28 February, 9 May 2018 (15.00-17.00) | Workshop: two-day “pressure cooker” workshop: February 27-28
Urban processes have been impacted by frictions all throughout history. The remarkable pace and dynamics of the current phase of global urbanization in the age of mediatization, datafication, and pervasive connectivity suggest a new age where insular, political boundaries have come to shift radically. Perhaps to a larger extent than before, people are identifying as global citizens. However, as a result of this spatial accumulation social, political and cultural frictions within our cities manifest themselves on a wide scale.

Furthering, Nurturing and Futuring Global Art Histories? (working title)

Deadline proposals: 26 November 2017 | Issue release: Spring 2018
‘Art history’ as we know it in the west is traditionally closely linked to its institutions. In various essays, American art historian Donald Preziosi has stressed the inextricable relations between art history, museography, and the modern nation-state. Art history needed archives to depart from; the museum provided such archives, and both added luster to the collective imagination of the nation-state based on the fabrication of a national (Christian) cultural past.

The Third LACE Winter School

University of Tartu, Estonia
Students and researchers interested in storytelling and narrative are invited to come together in Tartu, Estonia, to take part in the third LACE Winter School on the Uses of Narrative. With some of Europe’s leading narrative scholars as speakers, as well as contributions from a wide array of disciplines and practices, the Winter School will showcase cutting-edge research and explore the uses of narrative: what do individuals and societies ‘do’ through their use of narratives? What methods should we apply to study the widespread and diverse forms of narrative in culture? The winter school is open to graduate students of literature, art and media studies, sociology, journalism, and all other fields.

Surveillance Beyond Borders and Boundaries

Call for Papers | The 8th Biennial Surveillance Studies Network Conference 7-9 June 2018 Aarhus, Denmark Recent years have witnessed the increasing scope, reach and pervasiveness of surveillance. It now operates on a scale ranging from the genome to the universe. Across the spheres of private and public life and the spaces between, surveillance mediates, […]

Oct 20, 27, Nov 3 | Nuclear Waste Weeks

NUCLEAR WASTE WEEKS, ENVIRONMENTAL HUMANITIES CENTER (VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT AMSTERDAM) Nuclear waste is one of the major unsolved challenges of our time, raising an array of questions, from the possibilities and politics of storage and disposal, over deep time, to toxic sovereignty. In this series, we will grapple with the environmental, aesthetico-political and ethical dilemmas that […]

Sept 30 | Contemporary Poetry and Politics

Dr Jasper Bernes, Stanford University  Belle van Zuylenzaal, University Library Singel  Saturday, Sept. 30th: 2-3pm  The ASCA is pleased to announce a special event this Saturday, September 30th: “Contemporary Poetry and Politics” with Dr. Jasper Bernes from Stanford University. Join us for a one-hour poetry reading and Q&A discussion from 2-3pm in the Belle van […]

Enrolment 2018 Barcelona Decolonial Summer School

The Barcelona Decolonizing Knowledge and Power summer school opened its enrolment process for the 2018 edition of the summer school. If you would like to apply, please refer to the following links: The online application form is here: best wishes, Natalia Rodriguez Program Secretary

Oct 13 | Performing Robots

Transmission in Motion presents: Performing Robots 13 October, 16.30-18.00h at Het Huis (Boorstraat 107, Utrecht) “All the world’s a stage”, Shakespeare famously claimed, “and all the men and women merely players”. Today, we witness new species of players entering the world-stage as social robots are becoming increasingly part of the performance of everyday life and […]

Oct 5 and 7 | Comics and Psychoanalysis

Het Dolhuys, Haarlem, October 5th and 7th On October 5th and 7th Museum Het Dolhuys (Haarlem) and the Dutch Psychoanalytic Association will host a two-day event on the relation between psychoanalysis and comics. Comic book artists Joost Swarte, Aimee de Jongh, Peter de Wit and Marcel Ruijters will exchange ideas about dreams, memories and childhood […]

Nuclear Waste and Deep Time

Screening and Study Group +CLUE and the Environmental Humanities Center VU Amsterdam Contact Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou (CRAL, EHESS): Anna Volkmar (LUCAS, Leiden University): Short film screening Friday 3 November 2017, 15:00-16:00hrs Main Building, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Somewhere Julian Charrière, 2014, 15 minutes The film documents large planes of wilderness in Kazakhstan, where the Soviet […]

Dutch Caribbean Research Group UvA

The Dutch Caribbean research group accompanies the NWO funded project ‘Cultural Practices of Citizenship under Conditions of Fragmented Sovereignty – Gendered and Sexual Citizenship in Curacao and Bonaire’ (2017 – 2022). The research group invites anyone interested in the topic to participate in its regular meetings, with the primary aim of engaging with Caribbean (feminist) […]

Sept 29: Diversity and Exclusion in Philosophy

Lifting the Blinds: Workshop on diversity and exclusion in philosophy Friday 29 September 2017 Radboud University  Academic philosophy has a diversity problem. While gender, racial and ethnic diversity flourishes in many other disciplines, philosophy departments in Europe, North America, and Australia remain startlingly true to an age-old formula: predominantly white, Western males studying the thought […]

Call for Proposals: KB Researcher-in-Residence Program 2018

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB), National Library of the Netherlands is seeking proposals for its Researcher-in-residence program to start in 2018. This program offers a unique chance to early career researchers to work in the library with the Digital Humanities team and KB data. In return, we learn how researchers use the data of the KB.

Non-human Animal Event

Friday 23 June 15.30-17.00hrs – drinks after (please register) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Main Building Room 15A-33 Our final event of this academic year focuses on non-human animals. Animal Studies is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that explores relations between humans and other animals now and in the past. Our speakers from the fields of philosophy, […]

Mediated Imaginations: Technologies Touching Upon Art

Call for papers Kunstlicht Vol 38 (2017) 3/4. Guest editors: Bas de Boer, Sam Edens, Jonne Hoek Deadline proposals: 07-07-2017 Throughout history, artistic practices have been intimately connected with tools and technologies. Today, techniques and (high-tech) technologies multiply, offering new possibilities for artistic expression. These technological developments raise questions as to what extent technologies touch […]

FORMAL – Exhibition – Master of Artistic Research

2.      formal an attempt or effort. synonyms: attempt, effort, endeavor, try, venture, trial, experiment, undertaking Nieuw Dakota Ms. Van Riemsdijkweg 41b 1033 RC Amsterdam June 8 – 11, 2017 Opening: June 8, 5pm Opening times: 11am – 6pm Flyer exhibition Master of Artistic Research, University van Amsterdam Supported by Gerrit Rietveld Academie This exhibition presents […]