Urban World Making

Seminar, Tutorial, Starting September 30, 6 ECTS | We are interested in examining how processes of world-making feature in the production of urban environments and across creative, cultural and political practices under conditions of globalisation. In what ways are global processes bound up with lived experience and affective geographies? How is the imagination of world systems or global connectivity articulated in creative praxis? And which methods – including and extending beyond visualisation – can be used to track urban processes, relations or temporal flows?

NICA Core Program 2016-2017

In the academic year 2016-17, NICA will offer three 6 EC courses: Cultural Studies Then and Now: Cultural Analysis and Disability; and Philosophy and the Critical and Decolonial Humanities

ReThink NICA

We, the undersigned members of the national research school NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis), express our solidarity with the national and interdisciplinary ‘Rethink’ movement and emphasize the following principles and demands

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