Global Literacy: Arts, Media and the Humanities

Elective, 12 EC, 2nd semester, starting February 6, UvA | This course explores the relationship between literacy and space. It examines the ways that different types of literacy produce different forms of space and how negotiating different kinds of space demand different strategies of literacy. As well as considering what literacies connect the novel and the nation and the network with the globe, it asks how do these spaces intersect and how do we read across and between them

Sex/Race/Trans: Human Life Forms

Elective, 12 EC, 2nd semester, starting February 6, UvA | The first part of the module will focus on what to do with “trans- ” today. Left deliberately truncated, “trans-” can do problematic cultural work in the company of nouns (a transman, a transwoman) but also become a verb (“transition,” “translate” or “transgress”). We will ask which theoretical and political resources such intersections offers. The second part of the module will connect the issues discussed during the first block to link them to problems raised by other critical discourses and movements that use “race” or “sexuality” as their pivot point. What are the purpose, possibilities and limitations of such categories, what are the possibilities of alliances and misalliances

Wildness without Wilderness

Conference panel, October 27-29, no EC | The Benelux have always been invested in transnational, postcolonial approaches in the humanities on the one hand, and in post-humanism, new materialism, and bio-art on the other. Adding to this, there is an increasing interest in (artistic) practice as a form of thinking and doing research that allows for fruitful ‘contamination’ between these domains. Two panels discuss the insights produced by predominantly young and upcoming scholars and writers in these fields

Unnecessary, Unwanted, and Uncalled-For

ASCA International Workshop, March 28-30 | In this workshop we seek to interrogate the notion of uselessness in culture, politics and aesthetics both empirically and theoretically through four broad interconnected themes; the everyday, space, the body and objects. By approaching uselessness through these four themes, we zoom in on the four main factors that create utility, take it away again, and are at the receiving end of being classified as useless

Cross Media Seminar: Forms of Attention

Research Seminar/Tutorial, 6 ECTS, Starting September 16 | The 2016/17 Cross Media Seminar will focus on the concept of attention in relation to media experience. The seminar will focus on the relation between the growing ubiquity, overlap and divergence between different media, and issues of politics, aesthetics and subjectivity.

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