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Decolonization, New Materialism, Human Rights, Memory

ACLA Masterclasses, 1 EC, July 4-6, 2016 | In the run-up to the 2017 annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association (to take place in Utrecht July 6-9), there will be four masterclasses for research master students and PhD candidates on a wide range of subjects. In order to receive credit (1 EC), participants are required to take two of these masterclasses (you can pick any combination), but you must register by 18 June 2017. Each masterclass will take two hours and require the preparation of 2-3 articles or book chapters.

PhD Positions: Uncertain Archives

The Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, invites applications for one to two PhDs affiliated with the project Uncertain Archives. The position is for a three-year period to be filled by 1 September 2017. Data production, capture, and dissemination constitute key global themes and challenges today. We […]

Mediated Matters, with Dorita Hannah and Julian Hetzel

Masterclass, May 19 and 22, 2 EC | This masterclass explores performance design as critical perspective on the complexity of our contemporary condition, in which we cannot separate the theatrical from the sociopolitical. Together with Dorita Hannah (University of Tasmania), we will explore the theoretical foundations of performance design and explore the potential of this approach through a series of case studies. These examples will include the work of Julian Hetzel, in particular his performance installation Schuldfabrik, present at the Spring Festival.

June 29-30 | Gothic Modernisms

registration now open Gothic Modernisms: 29 & 30 June, 2017, The Rijksmuseum A two-day international conference discussing the legacies, histories and contested identities of European Gothic/early-modern visual cultures in (global) modernity, in particular modernism and the avant-gardes. Papers, lectures and discussions will explore the reception, construction and invention of Gothic and early-modern art in modern […]

Reception, Nachleben and Transhistorical Art History

Masterclass, June 28-30, 3 EC | This masterclass will explore the methodology one might use in art and cultural historical reception study. Recurring themes in such research often are cross-mediality (reception of one medium in another) and cross-modality (reception in another context); temporality, cross-historicity and trans-historicity: dynamics of reception within another time period altogether; along similar lines, transnationality or even trans-globalism; identity-politics and nationalism; and the rather large spectrum of modes of “reception”, incorporating relevance, reception in the classic sense, nachleben, survivance, and appropriation as much as restoration, (re-) construction, and invention.