Christian Moraru: The Planetary Remaking of Cultural Studies


Lecture and Masterclass, I EC, May 14, organized by OSL | In his talk, Professor Moraru will present his recent research, in particular his forthcoming book, Reading for the Planet: A Geopolitical Manifesto Critical Manifesto. A ‘geomethodological’ approach might help us come to grips with symptoms of “planetarity,” a cultural formation increasingly visible worldwide at the dawn of the 21st-century

Joshua Ramey: Spiritual Materialism


Public lecture, June 27 | I argue that Deleuze’s identification of a certain mode of thought in artistic experimentation, “transcendental empiricism,” has to do precisely with aesthetic exploration of the spatial fourth dimension, and with the spiritual potential of such a dimension for the transformation of sensory, cognitive, and affective capacities. Read in this way, the theory of ideas in Difference and Repetition is more clearly connected to Deleuze’s later work with Guattari, where Deleuze becomes much more explicit about the necessity for thought of practices of “becoming” that have clear roots not only in literary and painterly experimentation, but in psychedelic, ascetic, meditational, and yogic practices across a variety of esoteric metaphysical traditions.

Materiality and Power


Reading Group, starting April 24 | The Design and Fashion Cultures Platform would like to invite all of those interested to its reading group Materiality and Power. The focus is on the intersection between different conceptualizations of materiality, discursivity, and power (in particular governmentality)

Ray Brassier: Against Flat Ontologies


Public Lecture, April 12 | The re­sur­gen­ce of metap­hy­sics in re­cent Con­ti­nen­tal phi­lo­sop­hy has been ac­com­pa­nied by an en­thu­si­asm for “flat ontologies”. Le­ve­ling tra­di­ti­o­nal metap­hy­si­cal hier­ar­chies, such as those of uni­ver­sal and par­ti­cu­lar or na­tu­re and artifice, that un­yo­kes ap­pe­a­ran­ce from re­a­li­ty and tre­ats all en­ti­ties as equal­ly real. I will argue that the who­lesa­le le­ve­ling in­dul­ged in by flat on­to­lo­gists is mired in phi­lo­so­p­hi­cal con­fu­si­ons that lead to ram­pant an­thro­po­morphism in metap­hy­sics and to com­pla­cent li­be­ra­lism in po­li­tics.

Urban Intervention: ‘Cegos’ [Blind]


Site-specific theatre workshop and urban intervention, June 3-5 | Tens of executives, men and women, dressed in suits and ties, wearing briefcases, purses, cell phones and documents, covered in mud with their eyes blindfolded, walk in slow motion around the city. They mix with passers-by on the street, destabilizing the daily flow of the financial and political center of the city

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