Credits at NICA


Starting from the academic year 2014-2015, new graduate students are required to obtain a number of EC credits at the national schools. This post explains what you will need to know

Wendy Chun: Imagined Networks


Masterclass (1 ECTS), October 24 | Wendy Chun is Professor and Chair of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. This masterclass for PhD candidates and RMA students will focus on Wendy Chun’s interdisciplinary work investigating the relationship between cultural formations and technological artifacts, between theoretical concepts in the humanistic and technological disciplines, and between popular perceptions of technology and technological protocols. Chun’s research is driven by questions such as: What is the impact of control technologies on mass media? What made the Internet, a communications network that had existed for years, a “new” or “exceptional” medium in the mid-1990s? How does the concept of “memory” cut across computational, biological and humanistic fields? Specifically, the masterclass focuses on her upcoming monograph, entitled Imagined Networks

Cultural Memory, Trauma, and the Problem of Representation


Leiden Theory Seminar & Tutorial (6 ECTS), Fall 2014, starting September 24 | Whereas for a long time literature has been considered to be, and was approached as, a form of individual expression, today it is often dealt with as a form of memory. This memory can be individual, but also belong to a culture, a nation, or to other kinds of group identity. Questions which will be central in this course, are the following: What exactly is memory, how is memory produced? How does memory relate to experience? What can go wrong in the process of producing memories? How does traumatic memory relate to “normal” memory. How can literature be read as a form of memory

Conjunctures of the Image: Disciplinarity and Mediality


ASCA Cross-Media Seminar 2014/15/Tutorial (6 ECTS) starting September 24 | Because the image is a central category that cuts across media and disciplines alike, there is a temptation to search for an essential conception of the image as such, one that remains constant across these domains and might even, perhaps, provide a unified ground for a newly capacious interdisciplinary. Against this temptation, the Cross-Media Seminar proposes a genealogical approach to the image. Thus, rather than asking: What is the image? This seminar will ask: What is the image for…

Jeffrey Nealon: Plant Theory

Flower in black and white

Public lecture and masterclass (1 ECTS), September 30 and October 1| Jeffrey T. Nealon is Liberal Arts Research Professor of English and Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. He has published widely on contemporary literary and cultural theory. His masterclass will focus on issues related to postmodernism and posthumanism, while his public lecture will be on biopower and vegetable life in Foucault, Deleuze & Guattari, and Derrida in particular

NWO Grants NICA Four PhD Positions


The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded NICA a so-called Graduate Programme grant. The grant of 850,000 euro facilitates four funded PhD positions

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