Dramaturgies of Cultural Translation


Symposium, October 11-12 2016, 1 EC |This symposium explores performance as a site of cultural translation. The concept of cultural translation extends beyond the common understanding of translation as the transference of meaning from one language into another and the process of finding linguistic equivalences. It includes corporeal, historical, and epistemological aspects of cross-cultural communication, and inquires into its conditions and limits. These pose complex challenges in the performing arts, as the endeavour of cultural translation is inseparable from poetic and dramaturgical conventions of staging.

NICA Core Programme 2016-2017


In the 2016-2017 academic year, NICA will offer three 6-EC courses on: Cultural Studies Then and Now; Cultural Analysis and Disability: and Philosophy and the Critical and Decolonial Humanities in a Global Age

ReThink NICA

Love and Politics: Passion, Affection, Community

We, the undersigned members of the national research school NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis), express our solidarity with the national and interdisciplinary ‘Rethink’ movement and emphasize the following principles and demands