Credits at NICA 2015-16


Graduate students are required to obtain a number of EC credits at the national schools. Here is a quick overview of what’s on offer at NICA

Cary Wolf: Posthumanism, Biopolitics, and the Animal Turn


Lecture, Q&A, and Masterclass, June 8, 9, 10 | Founding Editor of the series Posthumanities at the University of Minnesota Press, Cary Wolf will visit Utrecht University and participate in various activities around the topics of animal studies, immunity, biopolitics, and posthumanism. “Human beings are not the constitutive elements of either the social or the political.”

Understanding Evil


Conference, 2 ECTS, May 17-18 |The prevalence of evil as well as our struggle to come to terms with the phenomenon is the starting point of the 2016 Conference on the Philosophy of Evil. This two-day conference – hosted by the University of Manchester and the University of Amsterdam – will bring together eight leading international speakers on the topic of evil. Three themes will be at the centre of attention: (1) evil in the history of thought, (2) conceptual debates regarding evil (i.e., evil as a secular idea, the quantitative/qualitative discussion, evil as a substantive concept), (3) evil in relation to specific normative and political topics (i.e., forgiveness, freedom, justice).

Jeffrey A. Bell: “What is Philosophy?”


Workshop, May 19, 2 EC | Professor Jeffrey A Bell will be present to guide as through Deleuze and Guattari’s famous construction of a tri-partite setup of philosophy, science and art, and to help grasp the many difficult philosophical, scientific and artistic lines that they pick up on while developing this construction. While the workshop aims to investigates the necessity for this book, equal attention will be given to the development and distinction of certain concepts, to their relation to the other fields and to their specificity in regard to the planes whereupon Deleuze and Guattari see them work

MAP: Cissie Fu, Cycling Chronicities


Public Lecture, April 20 | In this talk philosopher and political theorist Cissie Fu invites us to test the limits of presence and luminance in telematic art through recent expansions of protest repertoire in Hong Kong, Spain, and South Korea



Summer School, 20-24 June 2016, 5 EC | In Margins of Philosophy, Jacques Derrida notes that “it is a mistake to believe in the immediate and ahistorical legibility of a philosophical argument.” The 2016 European Summer School for Cultural Studies departs from the idea that this warning pertains not just to philosophical inquiry, but across academic disciplines, from literary and media studies to law, architecture and the social sciences

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