NICA Core Program 2016-2017

In the academic year 2016-17, NICA will offer three 6 EC courses: Cultural Studies Then and Now: Cultural Analysis and Disability; and Philosophy and the Critical and Decolonial Humanities

Leiden Lectures in Media | Arts | Politics

Lecture Series, every third Wednesday | With upcoming speakers Herschel Farbman, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, and Daniela Agostinho

PhD Work in Progress

CFP, PhD workshop June 9, 2017 | We’d like to invite all NICA PhD members for our ‘Work in Progress’ meeting on Friday, June 9, 2017. The idea is simply for PhD researchers to share a sample of their own work in progress, with joint discussion and feedback to follow. Feel free to present work that’s genuinely in process: fledgling, under way, unfinished, partial, fragmentary, patchy, stuck

Urban Interfaces

Elective, 5 EC, 2nd semester, Utrecht University | Since the beginning of the 20th century, cultural researchers have been concerned with how transport and communication technologies, rapid urbanization and massive social upheavals impact social mobility, civic engagement and modes of belonging. Today, globalization, the spread of information technologies in the urban domain, and the debate on participatory culture and civic engagement spur a further mobilization of urban culture, identity and publics. Both scholars as well as artists and designers enquire into how urban space invites collaborative and playful practices of resistance, appropriation and/or engagement. By productively exploring mutual similarities and differences in concerns, methods, concepts, and skills, [urban interfaces] seeks to investigate urban transformations in a methodologically innovative manner

Corporeal Literacy

Elective, 5 EC, 2nd semester, Utrecht University | Corporeal literacy is a strategic term meant to make space for a further expansion of the notion of literacy to include our bodily engagement with what we find ourselves confronted with. In this course, we study texts by (among others) Mark Hansen, Lakof and Johnson, Shaun Gallagher, Vivian Sobchack , Laura Marks and Brian Rotman. Students are invited to explore the potential of these readings for the analysis of encounters with media of different kinds

Imagining the Image: Talking Back to the Media

Elective, 9 EC, 2nd semester, VU | Imagining the Image is a biennial course of the VU’s research master’s programme VAMA (Visual Arts, Media and Architecture), centering on the critical study of various theories of the image and visuality. This year, the course will take a specific case as its focal point: the 1985 project Talking Back to the Media, which took place in Amsterdam in different institutions, and in different media. Drawing on institutional critique, appropriation art, media theory and the more critical versions of postmodernist theorizing, Talking Back to the Media sought to give artists the opportunity to use a variety of media (photography and exhibition spaces, video and television, radio, print) for critiquing the dominant mass media

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